African Bulbine

(Bulbine frutescens)

Yellow flowers of the African Bulbine.

African Bulbine was part of the original plant list for the Center & Gardens. After struggling for a few seasons, it was removed. In 2018, the Sunnylands landscape team decided to give it another try, and so far it has shown success. This beautiful Euphorbia creates a delicate display of bright green leaves that form a rosette, but its long, narrow leaves look more like a mounding grass with tall flowering stalks. It has been doing well in the shaded parts of the gardens while showing some sensitivity in full sun.

The bloom can an be orange and yellow star shape with six distinct petals that reach back, away from from a fuzzy, yellow stamen. Seedpods are small, and when mature, the seeds are dispersed to the mercy of desert winds to carry them to a suitable germination spot.

Its origin is the African continent and its range extends from South Africa north to Mozambique.


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