Artichoke Agave

(Agave parryi var. ‘truncata’)

A close-up of the leaves and spines of the Artichoke Agave.

One of our most popular plants at Sunnylands is the truncated variant of Parry’s Agave. When visitors hear its common name is Artichoke Agave, the response is an instant head nod and verbal agreement—of course! It displays a tight, perfectly round rosette that is reminiscent of an artichoke bloom. Its arrangement in uniformed rows at Sunnylands draws the eye to its oval, blue-green leaves.

Like other parryi varieties, Artichoke Agave is versatile in garden design, pairing gracefully among wildflowers and perennials, or stealing the show in groupings. It adapts well to both desert floor and hillside gardens, making it a great choice for any space.

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