Gentry Agave

(Agave titanota)

A close-up of the sharp and unique teeth and spines of the Gentry Agave.

There is only one garden bed at Sunnylands with this agave. It is in the very back of the southwest side of the gardens. You will find it behind the Great Lawn, just next to a bed of distinctive euphorbia called Moroccan Mound. In fact, you would be better to locate the Moroccan Mound first. Then with your back to the Center, glance slightly to the right, and you will find Gentry. When you find it, you will realize it was worth the search. It is a standout.

When the gardens were installed, there were few Gentry available and normally that would have excluded it as a choice. But instead the decision was made to offer Gentry a single bed where visitors could observe it on its own merits.

It is very clear why it is referred to as Chalk Agave when you see its dusty blue skin. It is also difficult to look at it without thinking of the giant carnivorous plant in the musical Little Shop of Horrors. With leaf margins covered in a crazy display of unkempt fangs, instead of the uniformed teeth of more dignified agaves, it does have a strong creature-feature appearance.

The creative gardener could utilize this plant when arranging this specimen in beds that are more focused on visual interest than botanical highlights. At 2 feet, its chalky appearance is a wonderful contrast to other plants with deeper glossy colors. It can be propagated by seed, or its offsets (clones) can be collected and replanted. Like other agave, it will bloom once at end of life, but has not yet done so at Sunnylands.

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