Moroccan Mound

(Euphorbia resinifera)

A close-up of Moroccan Mound.

Another popular plant at Sunnylands is the Moroccan Mound, which grows in a dome shape created from chunky square stems. In the right conditions, it can spread up to 30 feet, but in the gardens, it’s spread is a maximum of 3 feet. It does well in poor soil and prefers full sun to partial shade. The plant can be grown for visual interest as its sculptural shape does catch attention.

Euphorbias have a unique flower from other genera. In late winter or early spring, they grow what is called a cyathium (plural – cyathia), which is a small flower cluster. On Moroccan Mound, the flowers are bright yellow and grow along the plant margins near the tops of the stems.

Moroccan Mound is native to the Atlas Mountains of Morocco.

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