Nubian Aloe

(Aloe camperi)

A close-up of the leaves of Nubian Aloe.

The Nubian Aloe is another new addition to the gardens. It was added in 2016 to the northwest corner (the corner behind the Great Lawn closest to the solar field). Its leaves display a brighter green than other aloes in the garden.

Starting in January and continuing through the spring, blooms appear on a multi-branching stalk in colors closer to peach and apricot, not the reds and yellows of other aloes at Sunnylands. Like the Ghost Aloe, Nubian’s blooms appear bundled in clusters at the end of each branch. The blooms are a combination of yellow and peach tones, providing a softer appearance than other, more vibrant aloe cousins.

Nubian Aloe is indigenous to Ethiopia and Eritrea in Africa.

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