Sharkskin Agave

(Agave x. ‘Sharkskin’)

A close-up of the leaves and spines of the Sharkskin Agave.

Not just a fun name, Sharkskin, with its thick, triangular leaves, is a visually appealing, and sturdy agave. Its name comes from the textural feel of its skin that resembles the feel of shark skin. Described as “stout” or “muscular” due the thickness of its leaf base, it maxes out at 3 feet in height. To some it may look like just another agave, but to those who look for slight variations among varieties, it is distinctive.

Sharkskin is pest resistant. It has proven to be a low maintenance selection at Sunnylands, and due to its lack of a finicky nature, so it does well throughout the gardens.

Its origin is Mexico as a hybrid of A. ferdinandi-regis form of A. victoriae-reginae.

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