Texas Bear Grass

(Nolina texana)

The creamy white flowers of the Texas Bear Grass inflorescence.

Texas Bear Grass creates waves of grassy leaves throughout the lowest part of the retention basin in the lower gardens at the east side of the Center. This stemless plant resembles a large bunch grass, but it grows straight at its center, only arching to the ground at the outer edges.

It can tolerate full sun and full shade so long as the soil is kept dry. It is cold, hardy, and drought tolerant with some supplemental watering.

It blooms in the heat of the summer, sending up an inflorescence (flowered stem) with white creamy flowers. Mauve seedpods will follow. Propagation is by seed.

Its distribution is quite extensive and includes central Texas, southern New Mexico and Arizona, and continues south into Mexico in the states of Sonora and Chihuahua.

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